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Huaihai Zongshen Gala Dinner Eight highlights do not stop

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On March 9th, the Sunshine Lake in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, the sun was particularly bright. On this beautiful day, Huaihai Holding Group welcomed more than 500 suppliers and went to “Sunshine, Harmony and Dreams – 2015 Huaihai Holding Group Supplier Annual Meeting Business Festival." In this ceremony, Mr. An Jiwen, Chairman of Huaihai Holding Group, Mr. Lu Jinlong, Chairman of Jiangsu Electric Vehicle Association, Mr. Li Xuejun, Vice Chairman of Huaihai Holding Group, and President of Jiangsu Zongshen Company, Vice Chairman and Senior Vice President of Huaihai Holding Group Mr. Jianjun and other senior leaders gathered together with the vast number of supplier partners across the country to recall the past and look forward to tomorrow's glory.
Highlight 1: Can't forget your holiday
       The day before this regular meeting was the “March 8 Women's Day”, and the Huaihai Holding Group also prepared a thoughtful gift for the ladies who participated in the meeting. The hand held this “warm”. Many women on the scene were moved by words. . At the same time, all supplier partners and media friends received books from the group. It means to be a book friend, to walk with friends, to share the wisdom of life, and to share the joy of reading.
Highlight 2: Create an ecosystem and share the value chain
       Some people say that "small cooperation should lay down attitudes and respect each other; big cooperation should lay down interests and balance each other; lifelong cooperation should lay down their character and achieve each other." After nearly 40 years of development, Huaihai Holding Group has always insisted on winning with integrity. Trust, open up the market with integrity, aim high, and dream. In good faith, we will compare our hearts with our hearts and heart, and seek a win-win situation with our partners.
    At the meeting, Mr. An Jiwen, Chairman of Huaihai Holding Group, said in his speech that supplier friends are the source of products, the first level of quality control, and the most critical barrier, so high standards and high requirements must be met. With the strategic thinking of “big strategy, big pattern, big cooperation, great development”, we will create the Huaihai commercial ecosystem and share the Huaihai industrial value chain with the cooperation concept of “sunshine, harmony and dream”.
Highlight 3: I am waiting for you in the spring blossoms
       Mr. Li Xuejun, Vice Chairman of Huaihai Holding Group and President of Jiangsu Zongshen Company, explained in a very lively and lively manner from “our 2014” to “what is supply chain management”, from “transaction under the sun” to “harmonious supply chain” From "About Dream" to "Running, Brother", Li’s wonderful speech was not only humorous, but also very insightful, and he was applauded by the on-site staff.
Highlight 4: Cooperation and win-win, thank you
       The success of Huaihai Holding Group is inseparable from the visionary leaders, and it is inseparable from the employees who work hard for this industry, and it is inseparable from the Huaihai Holding Group to provide all possible development partners. In this grand event, the Group set up four categories of awards: “Impression of Huaihai·Sunshine Service Award”, “Impression of Huaihai·Innovation Quality Award”, “Impression of Huaihai·10 Years of Dedication” and “Impression of Huaihai·Creation of Dream Award”. To thank the partners who have come along to accompany the growth of Huaihai Holding Group!
Highlight 5: Being willful, surprises constantly
       At the meeting, Huaihai Holding Group sent a wealth of awards to the suppliers of the participating suppliers, more than 30 Apple Plus, countless ipad5 and the same RMB commemorative album, and the Duang Duang scene was hot, which caused a batch of fruit powder. Dry eyes.
Highlight 6: Huaihai Zongshen Industrial Chain Win-Win Summit Forum
       At the meeting, an ingenious "dream face to face" high-level exchange meeting was put on the stage, Chairman An Jiwen, Chairman Lu Jinlong, Vice Chairman Li Xuejun, Chairman of Zhejiang Yurika Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Mr. Xiaobin Xiao and related industry The well-known personalities in the industry, including the media, have made some exchanges and learnings on how the electric tricycles and motorcycle tricycles should face the new normal of the industry and how to break through the development of the industry in the context of the new normal of the macro economy.
     At the meeting, Chairman Lu Jinlong analyzed the development status and trends of the industry under the new economic normal situation from four aspects. Although the electric vehicles and motorcycle industries have excess capacity, such big brands as Zongshen and Huaihai will strengthen their strengths. Highlight the advantages.
Highlight 7: A grand party with a lot of praise
       This evening is definitely a wonderful and magnificent feast. The general manager of Jintaibao, Kong Wei, "The Road to Go Home" warms people's hearts, and the creative program "Ballet on the Ice" is amazing. The spark of Chaplin's imitation show and Jiang Zong is a big laugh; Huaihai Holding Group special warfare player Zhang Feng's acrobatics "top tank" is extremely shocking. The applause, screams, and shouts were on the scene.
Zhang Feng's acrobatics "top tank" of Huaihai Holding Group special warfare player
Jiangsu Zongshen Special Combat Team Sun Zheng sang "Prairie Night"
Liu Dehua's imitation show is a wonderful interpretation of "Ice Rain" and "Happy Horses"
China's talent show creative program "Ball Ballet"
Oriental TV Daren Show "Space Walk" stunt show
Highlight 8: The same theme is still moving
       The party also sent birthday surprises and blessings to the three supplier friends on the birthday of the day. Chairman An Jiwen and President Li Xuejun personally cut birthday cakes and presented birthday gifts for these birthday dealers. The sweet and sweet cake made every participant in the room feel particularly warm and embarrassed.
On the morning of March 10th, the Huaihai Zongshen Supply Ecosystem Cooperation Symposium was held in perfection, which was the last glimpse of the successful completion of the 2015 Huaihai Holding Group Suppliers Annual Business Festival.
       Dreams are ahead, roads are at the foot, only like-minded people can go hand in hand; in the business world, only by working together can we share a win-win situation! For more than a decade, Huaihai Holding Group has cooperated with many suppliers and friends to advance side by side. We have been and are sharing our achievements. In the coming 2015, we will create new glory and excellence!