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Taixing Wenguang New Women's Committee: Sending a play, sending a book to the grassroots

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泰兴市文广新妇委会:送戏、送书进基层 文化惠民促和谐

泰兴市文广新妇委会:送戏、送书进基层 文化惠民促和谐

泰兴市文广新妇委会:送戏、送书进基层 文化惠民促和谐

Recently, the Women's Committee of the Wenguang New Bureau of Taixing City took the lead in organizing the “Three Solutions and Three Promotions” Xuanbao Task Force to carry out the grassroots activities under the play and the book. In the morning, the Municipal Opera Troupe came to Chongtou Village, Xuanbao Town, and presented a wonderful program to the villagers at the newly built Farmer Cultural Square in Chongtou Village. Songs, dances, Sichuan operas and other programs made the crowd applaud. Whether the village cadres or the villagers were very satisfied with such performances, especially the essays on the creation of civilized households, combined with the customs and dialects of the Taixing countryside, they are close to the masses. In line with the real life of the masses, entertaining and entertaining. In the afternoon, the performance team of the City Opera Troupe came to Jiangsu Jintaibao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to deliver performances for the employees of the company, allowing the employees to relax and relax while they were working. At the same time as sending the grassroots under the literary arts, the City Library carried out the activities of “Reading the hearts of the whole people and sending the books to the villages in the spring breeze” to support the cultural construction of villages and enterprises in Xuanbao Town. It sent 300 books to the “Farm House” of Chongtou Village and sent 400 books for the “Workers' House”. These books cover all aspects of planting, breeding, masterpieces, crafts, fairy tales, etc., suitable for multi-level reading people.
      Zhou Xiaoji, director of the city library, said that he would really make the "farm bookstore" and "employee bookstore" into a project that benefits the people's livelihood and win the hearts of the people, promotes reading for all, builds a book, and develops corporate bookstores, and cultivates corporate readers. Reading activities are helping.