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"Hanmo fragrance" entered Xuanbao Town

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Recently, the city staff culture stage "Hanmo Fragrance" calligraphy grassroots activities into Xuanbao Town, in the Jiangsu Jintaibao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., many calligraphy enthusiasts came to visit the calligraphy exhibition.
       Xuanbao Town calligraphy lovers and workers representatives visited nearly 50 calligraphy works exhibited by more than 10 calligraphy masters in the city. Calligraphers also communicated with calligraphy enthusiasts and commented on the works they brought.
       Jin Aiping, Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, said that the "Hanmo Fragrance" calligraphy grassroots activities were organized by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and invited some calligraphers and calligraphy enthusiasts from the city to go deep into all townships and some grassroots units in the city to carry out "cultural Huimin" activities. Friends, with cultural cohesion, cultivate healthy, civilized and active lifestyles of employees, and motivate employees to pursue excellence and brave first-class work passion.