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Jiangsu Jintaibao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


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Founded in 1986, Jiangsu Jintaibao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of motorcycle shock absorbers under the brand name “Jintaibao”, aluminum alloy gravity castings, low-pressure castings, high-pressure castings, agricultural machinery transmission boxes, companies. With the right to import and export products, it is an AAA-level credit enterprise. The company has a standard production workshop and office building. It has more than 680 employees and has strong production and development capabilities. It is a dynamic enterprise.
Since 2003, the company has been awarded the title of “Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping” by Taizhou Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce. It has been awarded the “Measuring, Quality” management standard member by Taixing Technical Supervision Bureau and passed the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification enterprise.
The company guarantees the quality of its products with excellent equipment, skilled technology, advanced technology, scientific management and perfect service. The concept of “Quality is life, honesty and development” leads Jintaibao people to expand the broader market and strive to build the “Jintaibao” brand. In 2009, it was awarded the “Taizhou Famous Trademark” by the Taizhou Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce. In 2010, it was awarded “Taizhou Famous Brand Product” ,In 2013, it won the “Jiangsu Famous Trademark”, in 2014, it was awarded “Top Ten Quality Management Enterprise”, and in 2015 it was awarded “National AAA Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise”.
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